Well Cash Friendly Credit Loan App Review | Real Or Fake? Safe Or Not?πŸ”₯

Welcome to earningsecrets.in today I am going to review a new credit loan application called "Well Cash Friendly Credit". 

Many guys are are getting loans from this well cash loan app and many are complaining about this loan app, accusing that this app is not ethical and user friendly.
In this article I am going to explain everything about well cash loan app and in brief and will try to give you good overview which matches actual reality.

I will try my best to explain you wheather well cash loan app is real or fake, is it a safe app to apply for a loan, kaisa app hai, well cash loan app ke actual reality kiya hai, repayment nahi kiya to kiya hoga and most importantly what I think about this application.

What Is Well Cash Loan App? Well Cash Friendly Credit App Kiya Hai?

Well Cash is a new instant credit loan application in India which is said to be NBFC registered as per it's google play store description. 

It's a recently published Instant loan application in India. Well Cash loan app currently have more then 100K users and with a 4.3 star play store rating with over 3k reviews. 

Well cash loan app offers small amount of loans with high interest rate. The loan repayment period is usually short in this application. 

This app offers a user friendly interface during loan apply process so that you can apply easily without any effort. 

Anyone who is 18 years or older with vaild documents can apply easily in well cash friendly credit app.

The loan approval rate in well cash application is modarate as experienced by most of the users in current time.

Lets look at the brief overview of well cash friendly credit loan app.

About Well Cash Loan App :

Below are the latest specifications of well cash friendly credit loan application-

Loan Range: 2000 to 4000 rupees 

App Type:  Instant Loan Apps

App Size:  15 MB

Play Store Rating : 4.6 stars 

User Interface: Simple User Interface

Category: Personal Finance

Price: Free to use

Language: English

Loan Approval Rate:  Average Approval 

Pre Payment: No Possible Advance Payment

Loan Guarantee: Up to 50% Loan Guarantee
Interest Rate: Around 5% To 40% annually + GST 18%

Processing Fee: Zero Fee

Loan Amount: Min 2000 Max 4000

Repayment Period:  6 days To 1 Months

App Origin: India

Customer care Support: Usually not active

Repayment Issues:  Yes Some Users May Face Repayment Status not updated Issues in the app, Very Strict Repayment Rules. Recovery agent issues. 

Eligibility Criteria: Indian Resident, average credit score, phone number, pan card and adhar card and bank statement. Income proof required for taking high amount loans. Adhar esign for giving approval. 

Pre Payment Charges: Nil

Late Payment Charge: 1%-10%

App Permissions:  This app has access to or it may collect Data regarding following topics :

Phone: Well Cash loan app can read phone status and identity

Photos / Media / Files: Well cash loan app can read the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your USB storage or SD card. 

Storage: This app can read the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Camera: This app can take pictures and video

Wi-Fi: view your Wi-Fi connection

Device ID & call information: read phone status and identity.

Other Permissions Well Cash Needs :

Receive data from Internet
View network connections
Pair with Bluetooth devices
Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
Full network access
Read sync settings
Control vibration
Prevent device from sleeping
Modify system settings

Well Cash Loan App Customer Care Contact Number :

If you face any problem or want to ask anything , please contact customer care or customer support team well cash loan app via email or from the customer care section in the App. 

Also you can manually contact well cash loan app customer care manually via mail or just by calling their customer care number. The customer care team response is slow though.

Working time: Monday-Saturday  9:00 am - 18: 00 pm.
Phone Number:  7407305521
Email[email protected]
302, World Trade Centre, Babar Road, New Delhi. Delhi India 110001

What Will Happen If I Do Not Repay My Well Cash Loan EMI?

Guys, as you have seen earlier well cash friendly credit loan app asks for several app permissions in your Smartphone and you have to allow all permissions to apply for any loan in this app.

So well cash have almost everything they need to recover their loan. Like your contact details, your whole phonebook, your photos and video files, they got it when you gave them permission to read your contacts, storage, calls etc. 

So if you do not repay your loan they might message or call everyone on your contacts and ask them to tell you to repay the loan. They will even keep calling until you repay full amount. 

So it can be pretty bad to your reputation and goodwill. So my dear friends think twice before taking any risky decision and pay your emi on time always.

But one thing to always remember, if a loan application is not registered with RBI then not paying its loan installments will not affect your cibil or credit score.

As well cash loan app gives 7 days loan, many users ask what will happen if I don't repay? Well guys if you don't repay nothing will happen. They will try to force you but no cibil down no legal issues as 7 days loans are itself a unregulated process.

Most of the 7 Days loans are generally not registered with any NBFC even if the loan provider is registered. So not repaying these type of loan will not hamper your credit. 

Well Cash Friendly Credit Loan App Safe Or Not?

According to google play store description Well cash friendly credit loan app is 100% safe to use. 

This app takes your privacy very seriously. Your data is safe as It is transferred over a secure HTTPS connection.

Well Cash loan app do not share any data with anyone without your consent except the Lenders and it's partners. 

All the transactions are secured via a 128-bit SSL encryption. However they will use your information during loan recovery process.

So one should not trust this app blindly in case of user data. For loan recovery these apps can cross any limits in order to force you to repay. Also there is no assurance that they will not sell your data to any other their party. 

Always make sure you delete your important contacts like you friends numbers and your family persons numbers from your smartphone before installing this app. 

This way they can’t call your friends and relatives. Also delete your all private photos and videos before installing this app. 

Only keep things that you are ok to share. Avoid calling important contacts while this is installed and apply in process. Maintain maximum privacy. 

Well cash friendly credit is a highly risky application in terms of personal privacy and security. Avoid any kind of e mandate esign and upload masked adhar cards only. 

Well Cash Friendly Credit Loan App Real Or Fake?

Now the most awaited question, well cash loan app real or fake ? As you all know well cash loan app is a risky loan app because it collects all our data including phone and videos, call history etc. These data are important and in bad hands they might put you in unfortunate events. 

Well cash loan app actually  provide loans and this app is not fake. Also this application is neither a real app as there are so many issues and problems that users are facing in this app recently.

Well cash friendly credit app provides small loans like 3k for a 6-7 days period and their interest rate is so high. With a up to 45% interest rate a 7 days loan is not everyone looks for. 

And if you can't repay they start calling your contacts and relatives. You can say that this app is a trap. Let me explain in a video. 

Watch is below review video of well cash friendly credit loan application, which will clearly help you to gain more insights about its issues and problems and what you can do about it.

If we look at the reviews at the Google play store anyone can understand that Yash Rupaya loan app is a risky personal loan application with slow customer service. This app rejects 50% loan applications. No assurance of getting a 7 days loan either.

If you want to apply for any loans in well cash app then think twice and apply at your own risk. Very high interest and short repayment period loans that's why I can't recommend this app for you guys.

If possible keep yourself away from this application. Well cash is not a loan application that you can trust.  If you want to take loan from trusted applications then try our Top 10 Loan App List instead. 

Well Cash Friendly Credit Loan App Download APK:

You can download well cash friendly credit app from Google play store. Always prefer google play store to download well cash loan app or any other instant loan app because it's safe.

Apps download other places may contain viruses and spam codes which will hack your smartphone, show ads or in worst case may steal your money. So with the security of google consider downloading alls from google play.

Click below given link to download Well Cash Friendly Credit loan app directly from google play store.


Final Thoughts:

Not recommend (Use At Your Own Risk )

Guys one last thing, always remember that no online instant personal loan application provides 100% loan to its customers.

Your loan application may disapprove as the application back end team takes the decision and they have the complete control over whether you will get a loan or not.

It is basically based on your credit score, income stability, your risk profile and also luck is needed for no income proof loans.

So if you do not get a loan in this app, that's ok, don't be sad, there are thousands of other personal loan application in Google play store to try out for free.

Also if you face any problem in well cash loan application you can always contact customer care and get your problem resolved as quickly as possible.

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Always Read Loan App or Platform Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition before Apply.

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