Turrant Loan App Review | Real Or Fake? Safe Or Not?🔥

Turrant loan is a new online instant loan app in india. By using turrant loan app one can apply for a instant loan in india even with low or bad credit score. 

Turrant credit cash app is an quick online personal loan app in 🇮🇳 India, where you can easily apply for instant personal loan avail up to Rs 60,000. You can get your funds transferred directly into your Paytm Wallet or bank account as your turrant loan gets approved.

Turrant Credit Cash Loan App Review : 

In this review article of turrant loan app I am going to discuss almost everything about turrant loan app like turrant loan app kaisa hai, turrant loan app real or fake, turrant loan app safe or not, what will happen if you don't repay turrant loan, it's customer care phone number and emil id and how you can download turrant loan app apk.

Let me assure you that everything that I am going to tell about turrant loan application is based to real user experience rather than its app store listing data.

Turrant Loan App Kiya Hai ? Turrant Loan App Review : 

Turrant loan app lis a risky instant loan app where you need to pay good attention to your loan agreement before apply. However as turrant a new loan app it is actually providing loans to some of its customers.

If you want to apply for a loan in turrant loan app then your age must be 21+ and you must have valid identity and address proof with you. This app provide loans to self employed persons even with no income proof.

Let's look at brief overview of turrant loan app and it's conditions.

Loan Range: 2000 to 60000 Rupees 

App Type: Credit Cash Loan

App Size: 11 MB

Play Store Rating : 4.6 Star 

User Interface: Simple Interface

Category: Finance

Price: Free

Language: English

Loan Approval Rate:  Moderate Loan Approval Rate

Pre Payment: No Possible Advance Payment

Loan Guarantee: Up to 50% Loan Guarantee

Interest Rate: Around 35% To 40% annually + GST 18%

Processing Fee: Nil

Loan Amount: Min 2000 Max 10000

Repayment Period: 1 Months To 6 Months

App Origin: India

Customer care Support: Usually active

Repayment Issues:  Yes frequently, May Face Repayment Status Issues in the app, Very Strict Repayment Rules.

Eligibility Criteria: Indian Resident, good credit score, phone number, pan card and adhar card and bank statement.

Pre Payment Charges: Nil

Late Payment Charge: 1% approx

App Permissions:  This app has access to or it may collect Data regarding:


Phone: This app read phone status and identity

Photos / Media / Files: This app can read the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Storage: This app can read the contents of your USB storage modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Camera: this app can take pictures and video

Wi-Fi: view Wi-Fi connections

Device ID & call information: read phone status and identity

Other Permissions:

Receive data from Internet
View network connections
Pair with Bluetooth devices
Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
Full network access
Read sync settings
Control vibration
Prevent device from sleeping
Modify system settings

Turrant Credit Cash Loan App Customer Care Contact Details:

If you face any issues or have any queries, please contact turrant loan app customer support team via email or contact customer care manually by calling their phone number. The customer care team response is slow though.

Working time: Monday-Saturday  9:00 am - 18: 00 pm.
Turrant Loan Phone Number: +91 9818459292
Email[email protected]

Turrant Loan Website : turrant.in

What Will Happen If I Do Not Repay My Turrant Loan EMI:

Guys, as you have seen earlier turrant loan app asks for several app permissions in your Smartphone and you have to allow all permissions to apply for any loan.

So they have almost everything they need to recover their loan. Like your contact details, your whole phonebook, your videos and photos, your files etc they got it when you gave them permission to read your contacts, storage etc.

So if you do not repay your loan they might message or call everyone on your contacts and ask them to tell you to repay the loan. 

So it’s a pretty harassment to your reputation and goodwill. So my dear friends think twice before taking any risky decision and pay your emi on time always.

But one thing to always remember, if a loan application is not registered with RBI then not paying its loan installments will not affect your cibil or credit score.

Most of the 6-7 days loans are generally not registered with any NBFC so even if you don't repay these types of loans your cibil will not be hampered.

There are very few chances of any legal action against you because giving 7 days loan itself is a unlawful practice.

Turrant Loan App Safe Or Not?


According to google play store description turrant credit cash loan app is 100% safe to use. This app takes your privacy very seriously. Your data is safe as It is transferred over a secure HTTPS connection.

Turrant loan app do not share any data it may collect with anyone without your consent except the Lenders and partners. 

All the transactions are secured via a 128-bit SSL encryption. However they might use your information during loan recovery process.
So it's risky friends.

Always make sure you delete your important contacts from your Smartphone before installing this app. This way they can’t call your friends and relatives in case of any loan repayment situation.

Also delete your private photos and files before installing this app. Maintain maximum privacy and avoid calling important numbers during loan app process.

Turrant Loan App Real Or Fake ?

Well guys now the most demanding question wheather turrant credit cash loan app is real or fake. Is turrant loan app legit?

The answer is may be or may be not. See guys turrant app give loans, many people have taken loans so I can't say it's a fake app.

But this is not like a real app either. This app rejects most of the loan applications and those people ho got their loan, they are complaing about its high interest rate and brutal loan recovery process.

Turrant app usually provides small amount loan with up to 45% interest rate for a period of 6-7 days. People also face loan repayment issues and have to pay extra as a late fee.

So guys this app is quite risky if you doesn't take any security measures before apply. This app hava many issues and problems and people are are facing various problems in this app.

Watch below review video turrant loan app to gain more real time insights about turrant Credit cash loan app.

So according to me this application is not a reliable option for us to depend upon. If you want to apply for a loan in turrant credit cash then apply at your own risk.

If you want to apply personal loan in trusted applications then must check out our top 10 instant loan app list.

Turrant Credit Cash Loan App Download :

To Download turrant loan app please visit google play store. If you don't find it in google play then visit below link to download turrant loan app directly from google play store.

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