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Welcome guys, today in this article I am going to tell you about the top 10 most popular Instant online personal loan app in 2022 where almost anyone can apply for an easy personal loan completely online with just few easy small steps. 

Only adhar, PAN card required with your bank statement, most of them does not require any income proof also. Instant Loan Within Minutes. 

Your loan application will be approved within hours and if approved you will get your loan amount directly in your bank account. Some of the below applications are even approved by RBI registered NBFCs, taking a online loan is quite easy now a days for almost everyone. 

In recent times these top 10 personal loan apps are actively promoting themselves in every social media platforms and claiming to be the best but they do have their own unique features and advantage and disadvantages. 

Being popular does not always mean the best. So i request you to research and read full reviews of each and every one of these loan apps completely before taking any financial decision.

At the end of this article I have provided direct apply links of some additional instant loan apps where you can directly apply for a loan

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So lets start with our top 10 loan apps list, 

1. Branch Personal Loan

Branch personal loan app is surely the best and most popular online personal loan provider app in 2022. 

You surely heard of branch personal loan. With security and trust you can apply for can easy personal loan up to ₹40000 completely online even if you have a low cibil or credit score. 

Branch claims to be the loan platform for every Indian . More then 50 lakh people have taken a loan form branch personal loan app till now. 

Some years earlier I myself has taken a loan from branch personal loan app with 9% interest rate annually and i have successfully repayied without any issue. 

Loan Amount : 1000 - 40000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.2% to 0.8% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

2. Paysense

According to a article by Hindustan times earlier this month, Paysense personal loan app is the best personal loan app in India 2022 and obviously it is growing popular day by day. 

Paysense offers very low interest rate loans with complete transparent process. Paysense is also known for fast loan approvals and its wide range of loan products. 

However paysense personal loan also have some issues regarding loan repayment which can be easily solved. Also this app collects your sensitive user data like contact details and other financial information. 

In this current time paysense is the best instant online personal loan app where anyone can get a easy credit loan with high level security and trust. 

Loan Amount : 1000 - 60000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.3% to 0.5% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

3. Cash Advance

With over 1 lakh users and aggressive marketing cash advance is the 3rd most popular personal loan app in India 2022. 

Cash advance personal loan application provides small loans all over India. No income proof required. loan range is 1000 to 20000 rupees, with only adhar and pan card

Many people say cash advance is not a good application to try because of its bad user experience. Still many people are taking loan and its ranking on top in google play store. 

This application might provide short term loans rather then a loan tenure, so real your loan aggrement carefully before talking any loan. 

When you need instant money, cash advance can be a good option for you because it offers loan without any processing fee

Loan Amount : 1000 - 20000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.1% to 0.8% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

4. Buddy Loan

Buddy loan app is a another popular online personal loan application in India. Buddy loan provides high amount loans completely online within minutes. 

Customers with good credit score can avail minimum interest on their first personal loan. With wide range of loan offers and just by using very selective loan approval technique buddy loan is getting more customers day by day. 

Still buddy loan have some issues which is preventing it from becoming the number one. However this app charges zero processing fee which is very good for us. Additionally this app also provides pre mature loan closures without any extra fee of you want to close your loan anytime. 

With just adhar pan and bank statement you can apply and get a instant loan in your bank account within 2 hours. There is up to 80% loan success rate. 

Loan Amount : 1000 - 50000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.4% to 0.9% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

5. Nira Finance

Nira finance is one of the largest personal finance company in India, Believe me when i say this that nira finance application is getting more then 1000 customers per day from google play store traffic and from their active ad campaigns. 

Its promoting hard on social media and other platforms to acquire more and more customers. This popular loan app provides up to 50000 personal loan with low credit and they have various loan offers. Very Fast Approval with high fees.

But many people claims that this application is quite risky and i also agree on that. First read complete details and only apply after knowing all terms. There are multiple types of loans available in nira finance and most of all have different conditions so if you just want to take a personal loan that won't be a tough job. 

Loan Amount : 1000 - 50000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.1% to 1.1% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months.

6. Flip Cash 

Well who does not know about flip cash loan app, it was the most popular personal loan app back in 2021 and in this recent time also no one can beat flip cash in terms of unique and aggressive loan offers

Flip cash has more then 5 lakh customers all over India and they charge very low interest rate for high cibil score profiles. Also applying for a loan in flip cash app is super simple. With only adhar pan and bank statement of last 6 month you can apply for a instant loan.

But what's stopping flip cash loan app that many users have given bad reviews recently . View complete flip cash personal loan app analysis review for more info. 

Loan Amount : 1000 - 60000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.3% to 0.8% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

7. Loan Sathi

Everyone needs a sathi in life right, i mean partner, so the loan sathi personal loan app is trying to be the everyone's personal loan sathi with their unique personal finance offers, easy to use user interface, low interest loans and easy repayment options and methods. 

In recent times loan sathi is very popular in google play store and its gaining more and more traffic daily. However being popular does not assure good quality . Loan sathi has its own advantage and disadvantage. 

I suggest you go thorough complete details review before applying for any loan in loansathi application.  

Loan Amount : 1000 - 80000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.2% to 0.8% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

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8. SubhaLoan 

Subhaloan is an another popular personal loan service provider India which provides small personal loans all over India with moderate interest rate. 100% online process just adhar and pad card required with your bank statement.

Income proof is required for high amount loans . Also this application doesn't have any hidden fees . You can easily apply for a loan up to 10000 rupees with even low cibil score.

Still I suggest that know about subha loan app terms before applying any loan . Subha lon is popular and classic but Risky. Loan approval rate is up to 70% in recent days.

Loan Amount : 1000 - 30000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.2% to 0.8% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

9. Mobile Rupee

Mobile rupee is one of the best online personal loan app since 2019 and it has more then 10 lakh plus play store downloads. 

Mobile rupee offers easy and quick online cash loans with minimum effort. Mobile rupee claims to be the best personal loan service provider in India but i don't certainly agree to to that. 

Yes its popular and have so many customers but still many people face some issues in mobile rupee which needs to be solved. View complete mobile rupee review to get complete application insights. 

Taking a loan from mobile rupee loan app is extremely easy. Just upload your identity and address proof documents and you can get a easy personal loan in your bank account. Also repayment is also easy, anyone can repay with upi or debit card. 

Loan Amount : 1000 - 80000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.2% to 0.6% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

10.  CashBus

I love cash bus loan app because i have once taken a loan from cash bus application and I have successfully repaid without any issue. 

Cash bus is one of the best performing personal loan app in India and without any income proof they give you loan. In recent times cash bus is not approving many loans but still many people tries to get a loan from cashbus loan app. 

Many of the cash bus loan app terms are changed and the interest rate is high with extra fees. So go through complete review before applying any loan in cash bus app. 

Recently cash bus has launched a new application called cash bus new loan app and it already passed 100k downlads in play store with a 4.5 star review. You guys can also check it out. 

Loan Amount : 1000 - 25000 Rupees

Interest Rate : 0.4% to 0.8% Daily ( Approx. ) 

Loan Period : 3 Months To 12 Months. 

So that's all guys. These are the top 10 most popular online personal loan apps in India.  Kindly go through the complete review to learn more about these online loan applications. 

Also if you have anything to ask write in comments. Do share this post in social media and with your friends. 

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Thanks for reading this article, if have anything to share and ask then please let me know in the comment section.

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