Mobile Rupee Loan App Real Or Fake ? Mobile Rupee App Reality

Hello guys, lets talk about Mobile Rupee Personal loan application and whether it is real or fake.

Mobile Rupee Loan App Real Or Fake ? Mobile Rupee App Reality

First let us consider the fact that if a online loan application doesn't not provide loan to its customers then we can call it a fake app , right. Then according to this scenario mobile rupee is neither entirely fake nor real.

Mobile Rupee is a 80% fake and 20% real online personal loan application , that means only 20% of people gets a loan in this application. The rest of the 80% people doesn't get any loan and their application gets rejected . But like many other says its a fake app , its not actually. There are some people who got loans from this app but still looking at the current time loan approval rate its hard to get a loan from mobile rupee app now a days.

Another important thing to look at is that no loan provider or bank asks for an advance deposit for issuing any type of loan. Some may ask for an bank account balance proof for verification. But asking for an advance fee for an loan is still considered as a more likely to be fraud practice in today's online loan world. 

Mobile Rupee application sometimes may ask for an advance deposit fee as many users in google play store review confirms it and says mobile rupee app sometimes fails to provide loan even after taking the advance fee. And there is no way to get your advance deposit back even if you do not get a loan there. This is a huge issue faced by some customers in mobile rupee application. The customer support is also quite slow in response but they usually reply within hours.

So guys , now i don't think that i have to say whether mobile rupee application is real or fake , you guys got the idea, its a totally suspicious application that nobody should give their valuable information in this app. I do not suggest mobile rupee application to any of my blog readers because i do not have trust mobile rupee application and its services.

That's all guys..Please tell me in the comments what you guys think ? Or is it a safe and secure real application ? Just kidding , you tell me . Waiting for your comments.

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