Ptm Trade App How To Withdraw Money ✅ Ptm Trade Withdrawal Tutorial

Hello, guys today I am going to brief you about how you can withdraw your earnings or funds from the "Ptm Trade" app. Ptm trade is a popular online options trading app where you can trade in crypto, currency pairs, and stocks and can earn up to 75% profits on your invested amount within one minute.

The Ptm trade app has over 500k google play store downloads with a 4.5-star user rating. This is one of the newest option trading apps in India in 2023. Ptm trade offers easy to use trading interface and completely free trading services that help users to trade in top assets including custom indexes with high leverage.

But apart from earning, withdrawal is also important. What good can be your profits if you can't withdraw them in your bank account? If you are having problems with ptm trade app withdrawals and your money hasn't arrived in your bank account worry not here today with help of a tutorial video I am going to explain how you can withdraw and what are the limitations.

The Ptm trade app offers a level system that enables you to access higher withdrawal limits and trade limits. To withdraw max funds you need to increase your levels. Basically in level one, you can withdraw a minimum of 250 rupees and a maximum of 450 rupees per day. As your level increases so this your withdrawal limit.

In order to increase the level you need to deposit and trade more in the ptm trade app. Also, you c can directly withdraw your funds in your bank account or just by using your UPI I'd in the Ptm trade app. The withdrawal process usually takes upto 3 days to process. Watch the below tutorial video of the Ptm trade app to learn how you can withdraw your funds.

Ptm Trade App Withdrawal Tutorial 2023

Let me remind you that ptm trade is a private options trading application and is not affiliated with any govt authority. SO deposit and withdrawal are both risky as well as trading in this app. Many users have complained about withdrawal and deposit-related problems and this app does sometimes hold your withdrawals for no reason.

It is advised to keep withdrawing your funds daily after profit in order to avoid loss in case this app holds your earnings. Also do not trade using your emergency money or using loan money. Only invest the amount that you can effort to loose in order to gain high profits.

For any doubt watch the above tutorial video of the Ptm trade app to gain full insights about the ptm trade app withdrawal problems, funds Withdraw process, and the problems related to withdrawal and how you can fix and successfully withdraw. Make sure to contact customer care in case of any withdrawal-related issues as soon as possible. You will find the customer care service email Below. 

Ptm Trade App Customer care Email id: 

[email protected]

Make sure to download the ptm trade app from the google play store only to avoid fake apps that are widely available on the internet.

Also if you have any other questions or if you want to share something about the Ptm trade app then feel free to write it down ✍️ in the comments.

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