Phone Trade App Review | How To Withdraw Tutorial

Well, guys, this video is about the " Phone Trade" options trading app which is currently live in the google play store with a 4-star review. This is a review plus tutorial video about the topic of how to withdraw your profits from the phone trade app and what are limitations and options are available.

By watching the above video you will be familiar with the overall interface of the phone trade app and its withdrawing functions and about the levels and limitations and problems related to the withdrawal of money from this app.

Phone Trade App Real Or Fake?

Many people are facing problems related to withdrawal from this application. I mean making profits is ok, you can trade in different assets like BTC and stocks and earn profits. But when it comes to withdrawing the earnings you made, there are some points to consider though.

This phone trade app offers various levels that you have to complete in order to unlock the maximum withdrawal limits in your account. As a new trader, you can only withdraw about 450 rupees per day.

See guys, some guys are also complaining about not receiving funds from phone trade even after successfully completing the withdrawal process. 

Phone trade is a not-so-real yes suspicious options trading app but can't totally be considered as fake as many users are daily trading and earning money in this application.

So it is advised to make regular withdrawals and not keep a big amount of profits in the phone trade wallet as if someday phone trade app rejects your withdrawal request then you will be in minimum loss.

The phone trade application is not registered with any legal financial institution as it is a private options trading application owned by private parties. 

Also, remember that the phone trade app is a risky and suspicious options trading app as it is quite new. Add funds at your own risk and do not trade using loan money.

Watch the above review video of the phone trade app to learn step by step tutorial on how to withdraw your profits in your bank or PayTM account & what are the limitations and levels etc. 

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