Credit Pay Instant Loan App Review | Real Or Fake 🤔

This video is about the credit pay instant loan application which is a new Instant loan application that is currently live in the google play store. Today I am going to tell you what is the actual reality of this credit pay loan app and whether it is real or fake with proof.

The credit pay loan app claims to offer upto 50000 rupees as a loan for a low-interest rate ranging from 12% to 25% and the repayment period offered is upto 24 months. No extra hidden fees. You can easily apply using an adhar and pan card along with your bank statement. No income proof is required.

But in reality, the credit pay loan app doesn't offer many loans and there are many issues and problems with this application. The reality of this application is completely different from its google play store app listing data or app data. 

Watch the above in-depth review video of the credit pay loan app to learn about the latest issues and problems of this app, its loan apply and loan repayment details, the overall reality of the application with a discussion about whether the credit pay loan app is real or fake, credit pay loan app kaisa hai and credit pay loan app se loan milega ya nahi?

In short guys, there is a little chance of getting a loan here as credit pay doesn't process much loans and if it does it will give you a small amount of loan with a high-interest rate, and of course, the loan repayment period will be short.

That's all, a risky loan app that is not recommended for anyone. If you want to take a quick easy online loan from the top best NBFC-registered loan apps then visit the below link 👇

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