Ptm Trade App Real Or Fake πŸ€” Ptm Trade App Review 2024

Hello guys, today I am going to review a new options trading application called "ptm trade". The Ptm trade app is currently live in the google play store and has over 500k active play store downloads with a 4.5-star user rating. Today in this article I am going to explain everything about the Ptm trade app. Ptm trade app kiya hai, kaisa hai, whether it is real or fake, safe or not, should you consider trading and risk your money in this app and most importantly how you can withdraw your profits from this app.

Ptm Trade Review | PTM Trade App Review 2024 πŸš€

The Ptm trade app offers easy to use signup process and a user-friendly trading platform for Indian users to trade in options and earn money. The money deposit is extremely simple and you can deposit funds using UPI or Paytm wallet. You can deposit a minimum of 100 rupees and a maximum of 50000 rupees per day. This app offers various trading assets like crypto indexes, bitcoin, eth, stocks, currency pairs, etc. 

So if you are familiar with options trading you can consider this ptm trade app to trade in various markets and gain experience using their free demo account with 10000 rupees free balance. But does it mean that you should deposit your money and trade in this app with a real account? The answer is kinda No!!

Ptm Trade App Real Or Fake πŸ€” Ptm Trade App Reality Checked ❌

Well sell guys, the Ptm trade app is a private options trading app developed by some unknown private developer. So this is risky. The app will react as the developer wants. There are no third-party regulations and this app is not registered with any financial institution. 

So everything is risky here. Many users are facing various problems regarding their deposits and money withdrawal. Many users are complaining about not receiving funds in their bank account even after successfully withdrawing completed. 

So there is no guarantee that you will receive your earnings in your bank account or not. This is the reality guys. If you want detailed info on this topic then watch the above-given review video of the Ptm trade app to know complete details.

Ptm Trade How To Withdraw | Ptm Trade Withdrawal Tutorial ⏩

If you are facing any issues related to money withdrawal in ptm trade app or if you somehow face problems regarding withdrawal in the Ptm trade, and if you want to know about ptm trade withdrawal problems then consider watching the below-given review video of the Ptm trade how to withdraw money tutorial.

Ptm Trade App Customer care Contact Details:

If you want to contact customer support of the Ptm trade options trading app then mail the below-given email id to reach the customer support team. ( Source: Google Play Store)

[email protected]

That's all guys. The Ptm trade application is a highly risky options trading application that is not recommended for new traders. Also, there are issues like withdrawal limits and level limits that are designed to keep you restricted from withdrawing the major amount of profits. If you know how these types of apps work and you are experienced in options trading then only consider trying.

Also do not trade in options using loan money or with your emergency money. Always remember if you choose the wrong option, you will lose your 100% investment. Only trade with extra money that you can use with high risk in order to gain high returns.

The Ptm trade app is not the only risky options trading app on the market, there are many. To stay updated with reality consider subscribing and also share this post with your friends and on social media to help spread awareness against these types of risky apps. If you face any problem or if you have anything to share please write it down in the comments section.

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