Small Rupee Loan App Review | Small Rupee Loan App Real Or Fake?🔥

Hello guys today I am going to review a small personal loan app called " Small Rupee Small Loans Net". Small rupee is a new instant loan application which claims to be a no income proof loan app in India 2022.

If you want to apply for a loan in small rupee loan app then I must tell you that small rupee is a risky application which should be used with caution. 

Small rupee loan app review

Small Rupee Loan App Review :

Well guys small rupee loan app has more then 100k google play store downloads with a 4.5 star play store rating. Small rupee offers small amount of loans without and credit score check, there is no income proof requirements also. 

Today I am going to explain everything about small rupee loan app, what is small rupee loan app, how to apply for a small rupee loan app, small rupee loan app real Or fake, small rupee loan app safe or not, small rupee loan app customer care contact details and download link with honest app review and real or fake analysis. 

What is Small Rupee Loan App? Small Rupee Loan App Kiya Hai? 

Small rupee loan app is a new instant personal loan app in India 2022 where you can apply for instant personal loans completely online without any income proof. This application has easy to use interface and very easy to navigate. 

Small rupee offers various types of personal loans, recently this application is trending on google play store. 

Small Rupee Loan Kaise Le? How To Apply Small Rupee Loan? 

To apply a instant personal loan in small rupee application just follow below steps. 

1. Download Small Rupee App

2. Register Using Email And Mobile Number. 

3. Complete KYC & Upload Documents. 

4. Choose Available Loan Offer

5. Apply For A Loan

6. Wait Up To 24 Hours For Response

That's all. When your loan gets approved you will receive your actual loan amount directly in your bank account. 

Small Rupee Loan App Interest Rate :

Small rupee loan application charges anywhere between 30% to 45% interest rate annually. The interest rates are quite high in small rupee loan app. 

Small Rupee Loan Repayment Period :

The repayment perit in small rupee small loans net application is quite short. Most users complain about getting short repayment period like 6 to 14 days and so on. 

Small Rupee Loan Amount :

In small rupee loan app you can apply for a loan upto 3000 rupees without any income proof. If you have a vaild income proof documents then loan amount will be increased. 

Small Rupee Loan processing Fee :

Small rupee loan app does charge loan processing fee for its loan services. The processing fee in small rupee loan app is mostly 3-5% which is subject to user risk profile. 

Small Rupee Loan App Safe Or Not? 

Well guys small rupee loan application is not safe at all because small rupee asks for various permissions in our smart phone like contracts, files and media, sms and mms etc. 

So small rupee loan app will have your personal data along with your full contact list. In case of loan default situations small rupee loan app recovery agents may call or message your contact list to harm your reputation. 

Plus small rupee loan app is not registered with any registered NBFC as it is giving 6-7 days loan with high interest. So your KYC documents might be not in safe hands if you consider whether small rupee loan app is trustworthy or not. 

Small Rupee Loan App Real Or Fake? 

If you want to know whether small rupee loan application is real or fake then let me tell you that small rupee loan application is not a real application. 

This application is not registered with any NBFC or RBI. Plus small rupee app charges very high interest rate loans and even may ask for a advance payment as a processing fee. 

So this application is not safe to use. Many users are facing various problems in small rupee loan application regarding it's advance payment demand situation, high interest rate and loan repayment problems and so many. 

Watch this below video to get more insights about small rupee loan application latest issues and problems. 

Small Rupee Loan App Customer Care Contact:

If you want to know about the customer care contact details about small rupee small loan net application then here the the details. For any issues in small rupee loan app i recommend you to contact customer care as soon as possible and get your issues solved.

Small Rupee Loan App Email Id :

[email protected]

Small Rupee Loan App Phone Number : Not Available

Address :  C-53, Preet Vihar, Delhi Delhi India 110092

Small Rupee Loan App Download :

To download small rupee loan app or apk please visit below download link. You will be redirected to google play store to initiate your download process. 

Download Small Rupee 👈

Small Rupee Loan Repayment Nahi Kiya To Kiya Hoga? What If Your Don't Repay Small Rupee Loan? 

So guys if you don't repay a 7 days loan in small rupee loan app on time you will have to pay extra interest and late charge in your net repayment date. 

If you choose to not repay small rupee loan emis at all then this app loan recovery agents amay distrub you just by calling and sending messages tring to force you to repay. 

They might even call your contact numbers or might send messages to your contact list asking then to tell you to repay the loan. 

But as small rupee loan app is not registered with any NBFC not repaying a 7 days loan in small rupee will not hamper your credit score and it will not show on cibil 

That all guys. If you have any more questions about this small rupee small loans net loan application then kindly tell me in comments below. 

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