Rupayekey Loan App Review | Rupaye Key Loan App Real Or Fake ?

Rupayekey Loan App Review 2022

Well Guys, today I am going to review a new instant loan application in India which is rupaye key. 

Rupaye key loan app is relatively new application and currently have mone then 1 lakh plus play store downloads. 

This app gives people small personal loans even with a bad credit. With 4 plus play store ratings this app is trending right now. 

Today I am explain in details about rupaye key loan app, about its featurs and disadvantages, wheather it is real or sam, is there any scam going on, kaisa app hai etc.

If you have a bad credit score, that's ok you doesn't need any income proof too. Only your bank statement is required with your pan and adhar card. 

In rupaye key loan app you can easily apply for up to 20000 loan with a moderate interest rate. No loan processing fee only GST is applicable.

As per the rupaye key loan app all loan application is processed within one day and they also disburse the loan amount directly in to your bank account once your loan is approved.

But in reality rupayekey loan app is not said to be that great, yes it gives actual loans but people are saying that interest rate is quite high and repayment period is quite short.

Rupayekey Loan App Is Safe Or Not ? 

Rupaye key application is not safe but highly risky as it collects many user data from phones. This is a very risky application in terms of personal security. 

This app collects your personal and financial information along with permission to manage your phone's media and files along with contacts and SMS MMS permission.

However as per the rupaye money loan app everything is safe and all user information is stored in a secure server with high level encryption. 

Rupayekey Loan App Real Or Fake ? 

Rupaye key loan app is a risky application because it collets your photos videos and contacts information. Also this app provides small loans with high interest rate for very short repayment periods. 

If you do not repay on time then the loan recovery agents will disturb you and your contact numbers just by calling and sending messages.

Also there is not guarantee that your loan application will get approval in rupee key loan app, you might get an rejection. However applying for a loan in rupaye key app is quite easy. But repayment is not.

Many users are facing repayment issues in rupaye key loan app. The repayment option doesn't work well on the app. sometimes even after successful repayment the application status doesn't change to paid. 

Also the customer care support is not that good, they will only call for repayment. Some users also complaining about automatic loan disbursement without any approval. 

Rupayekey Loan Repayment Nahi kare To Kiya Hoga ? Rupayekey Loan App Issues And Problems Explainer Video 

As 7 days loans are not registered with NBFC so even if you do not repay rupayekey key loan there will be no affact on your cibil score. However some loans may show in cibil as a small credit loan. Watch below video to learn about what might happen if you choose to not repay rupaye key app loan and latest issues and problems faced by users in this app.

So you won't feel any real experience in this application, this app provides loan but now how as it says, almost fake if you want a good loan but still handy if you need a instant loan ignoring it's interest rate and repayment duration.

Confused wheather this app is real or fake ?

Ok, Let me explain this with help of a video, 

Watch below review video of rupaye key loan app where I have discussed everything about rupaye key loan app. 

This video contains information about below topics about rupee key loan app.

1. Rupaye key loan app kaisa hai ?
2. Rupayekey Loan Apply Process
3. Rupayekey Loan App Safe Or Not ?
4. Rupayekey Loan App Interest Rate
5. Rupayekey Loan App Dark Reality
6. Rupayekey Loan App Real or Fake ?
7. Repayment Kaise Kare details.
8. Many Other Small Details.

Rupayekey Loan App Customer Care Contact Details : 

To connect customer care executive of rupaye key loan app you need to email them in the below email id. 

However a contact us button is also present in rupaye key loan app where you can directly contact customer care. To know rupaye key loan app customer care phone number ask them over mail.

Email id : [email protected]

Rupaye key Loan App Download : 

If you want to download the rupaye key loan app or the apk file, then you can download the rupaye key loan app from google play store which is considered to be the safest source for you. 

Do not download rupaye key loan app from any other websites as it might contain viruses and installing such apk will harm your device or might scam you just by providing fake applications simillar to rupaye key app.

Visit below link to download rupaye key loan app directly from google play store.

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