Cash Planet Online Loan App Review πŸ”° Cash Planet Loan App Real Or Fake?

Welcome guys today I am going to review a brand new online loan application called cash planet online loan app. Cash planet is a online loan application which provides easy loan services in india.

Cash planet loan app is quite new and currently have more then 10k google play store downloads with a 4.8 star rating. Cash planet loan app have more then 100 reviews in play store.

Today in this article I am going to explain wheather cash planet loan app is real or fake, what is cash planet, cash planet loan app safe or not, cash plant loan app reality and honest reviews about cash planet loan app.

Cash Planet Loan App Review : Cash Planet Loan App 

Cash Planet is a new loan app where anyone can apply for a easy online loan without any income proof. Cash planet offers small amount of loans for short duration.

Cash plant loan application provides loan up to 10k with moderate interest rate and the loan repayment period is usually short. You just need to install cash planet app to apply for a loan.

After installing complete kyc process and then you can choose your loan offer to continue. Cash Planet loan app offers a user friendly interface to apply loan.

Cash Planet Loan App Safe Or not ?

Well guys, cash Planet loan app is not safe in terms of many ways. First cash planet loan app is registered with RBI so there is a risk of personal data risk in the future.

Also cash planet loan app asks for various permissions in your phone like contacts, messages etc. This application also demands advance loan processing fee in order to process loan. Which is not a ethical process.

So guys cash planet loan application is not safe to use in terms of personal safety and also do not make any advance payment in cash planet loan app because it is non refundable.

Cash Planet Loan App Real Or Fake ? Cash Planet Loan App Fake Or Real ?

Cash Planet loan app is not a real application, cash planet online loan app is not providing any loans  unless you pay them advance loan processing fee.

Even after paying advance payment there is not assurance of loans. Many users complain about not getting any loan ever after paying advance loan processing fee.

Also there is no refund policy for the advance payment in case of loan rejection.So guys cash planet is a risky application collecting data and advance payment but not giving any loan to most users.

Watch this video to get insights about what is the true reality of cash planet loan application and what the the issue and problems people are facing in this loan app.

That's all guys. If you have anything bro ask please write in comments.

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