Mobile Rupee Loan App Real Or Scam ? Mobile Rupee App Review 2021

Mobile Rupee Loan App Review 2021 :  

Hello guys, welcome to earning secrets. Today i am going to review a loan application called "mobile rupee". Its a personal loan application which provides small loans without any guarantee. I know you guys want to know more about mobile rupee application and weather it is real or fake, what type of loan app "mobile rupee" is. You guys already know what mobile rupee app is, its a loan app. Today i will discuss about only weather it is fake or real, is there any scam going on, mobile rupee app is safe or not, or should you apply for a loan in mobile rupee app and some other details.

Mobile Rupee Loan App Real Or Scam  Mobile Rupee Loan App Review 2021

What is Mobile Rupee Loan App : 

Its a online personal loan application in India. Mobile rupee has more the 1 million downloads in google play store. This app offers small personal loans to both salaried and non salaried personals in India without any guarantee. This app provides complete paperless online loan at moderate interest rate. One can take personal loan up to 20000 in mobile rupee application.

Mobile Rupee Loan App Review  :

App Type : Personal Loan App

App Size : 12 MB

User Interface : Simple Moderate 

Category : Finance

Price : Free, In App Payment

Language : English

Loan Approval Status :  Very Low , Very Few Loan Approval Rate

Pre Payment : Yes , Demands Advance Payment 

Loan Guarantee : Nil, No Loan Guarantee 

Interest Rate : Around 40% annually

App Origin : India

Customer care Support : Poor , Usually Slow

Repayment Issues :  Yes, Repayment Status Issues

App Permissions :  This app has access to:

Phone : read phone status and identity

Photos / Media / Files : read the contents of your USB storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Storage: read the contents of your USB storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage

Wi-Fi : view Wi-Fi connections

Device ID & call information : read phone status and identity

Other: view network connections, full network access, prevent device from sleeping

Mobile Rupee Loan App Customer Care Details : 

As per the google plat store you can leave a mail at "" to contact mobile rupee loan app customer care. The average response rate is very low. You have to wait multiple days to get an response.

What Will Happen If I Do Not Repay Mobile Rupee App Loan : 

Gus if you get a loan from mobile rupee loan somehow always remember to repay it on time otherwise the app customer care may contact your friends and family members and ask them to tell you repay loans. They get all your contact details from your phone as you give permission already. So they may mistreat you and your loved ones over call , so be careful.

Mobile Rupee App Safe Or Not :

As per mobile rupee app it is safe as it uses secure HTTPS connection and 128 bit secure SSL encryption.

Mobile Rupee App Download : 

Mobile Rupee app is available at google paly store to download for free. Just go to google playstore app, search for "Mobile Rupee" and you will get what you are looking for.

Mobile Rupee Loan App Real Or Scam :

So here comes the most interesting part, is it a real loan app or is it fake ? Let me tell you first that mobile rupee is a reputed application with millions of downloads in google play store and this application provided very good services in the past times. But The major problem with this application is that it started charging advance money from people for giving them loans. Many people who paid the advance loan free are not getting their desired loans.

Many people now a days not getting their approved loan amount in their bank account. Even after contacting customer care many people are not able to get loans or their advance deposit fees back.

The main disadvantage in this app is the security deposit. Even after paying security deposit there is no guarantee that you will get a loan. Also there is no way to get your security deposit back in case you do not get any loan.

This application is only providing loans to 5-10% of its customers. From rest of the people they are just collecting advance money and then they are taking no responsibility of providing loans. Those who somehow gets a loan in this application also gets issues with repayment  because of the poor condition of the application and slow customer support.

Final Words :

We Earning Secrets Team, do no advise you to apply for loan in this application. Mobile rupee is not the application we are looking for when there are so many genuine low interest personal loan applications in the market. In the personal loan market, taking advance fees for loans is a bad practice and we all know it. So never pay any advance fees in any loan application for getting a loan. 

Mobile rupee app is not trustable at this time for us. So we do not suggest you guys to submit your valuable documents and your money in this app. In the near future this application may improve themselves and became trustable again but for now mobile rupee loan app is not suggested in any manner for any users. 

That's all guys. Thanks for reading this post. If you have any doubts regarding mobile rupee loan app then freely share with us in the comments. 

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