Loan Now App Fake Or Real? Safe Or Not? Full Review 2024

Welcome guys, today i am going to review an another instant loan app called "Loan Now". The loan now app is a recently released instant loan app that has over 500k+ google pay store downloads with a 4.5 star rating and growing rapidly. 

Many people are saying may things about this loan app like this app is not good, fake app etc. Also many people claims that the loan now app is real and it actually provide loans. So what is the actual reality?

Today i am going to review everything about this "loan now" app. The loan now loan app is real or fake, safe or not,  and its loan details, eligibility criteria, loan apply and loan repayment details along with latest issues and problems and customer care contact details. 

After reading this article you will get to know the actual reality of this app. Many people thinks that the loan now app is a real loan app because it has 4.5 star reviews but it's not all true. Yes this app does provide loans, but it's not that simple.

Firstly, many people says that the loan now loan app is not a safe loan application which is true. The loan now loan application collects various sensitive user information like your location, messages, photos and videos, contact details, app activity etc, and stores them for their loan settlement and informational purposes. 

So this is very risky to use this app as your important personal and financial information and data will be less secure as there is always a possibility of misuse and in the times of loan repayment they will use these information against you. So try to delete your important contact numbers, photos and videos before installing this app in your smartphone.

Secondly, this app claims to provide up to 3 lakh rupees of loan without any processing fee and the interest rate is claimed to be as low as 18.25% per annum. All 20+ indian individuals having valid address and identify proof with stable income can apply for a instant loan in this app. But in reality this there is no guarantee of loan in this app. 

In most cases this app will reject your loan and some cases this app provides small loans directly without any proper authentication. They will give your small amount of loan with high interest rate and you have to repay the whole loan within a short period of time like 7 days as stated by many users in the Google Play Store reviews. 

The loan now app also follows strict loan recovery methods which are sometimes ilegal, some users complained in the Google Play Store reviews that this app loan recovery agents even called their relatives and the contact list numbers when they failed to pay their loan EMI. 

Some people also complained about not receiving funds in their bank account even after getting loan in this loan now app. But they are later forced to repay their loan which they haven't actually received.

So the loan now app is a very suspicious and risky loan application that should be avoided if you want a good loan with piece of mind. The loan now loan app is not a trusted loan app, it's a damm risky 7 days loan app with may issues. 

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Also if you want to learn more about the latest issues and problems that users are facing in the loan now app then consider watching below given review video of the loan now app. 

The customer care support and response of the loan now app is not so good. However you can contact customer care executive of the loan now app just by mailing them at the below given email id. They usually respond with 24 Hour.

Email: [email protected]

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