Insta Nova Loan App Is Real Or Fake πŸ€” Full Review 2024

Welcome guys, in today's post i will discuss about a new Instant personal loan app called "instanova". This is a newly updated loan app an i am sure you guys have seen it in google play store. Today i am going to discuss about whether the instanova loan app is real or fake, safe or not, is instanova loan app legit and what is the actual reality of the instanova loan app. Should you apply for a personal loan or not.

Instanova Loan App Review ✅

As you all aware that the instanova loan app claims to provide easy instant loans with low interest rate and the loan repayment period is claimed to be flexible upto 12 months. The instanova loan app also claims to be registered with NBFCs and claims that no user data is shared with 3rd parties. 

But does all that true, of course not, the instanova loan reality is not as they claim. There are various issues and problems that is faced by current users that you should know about. Watch the below video to get more insights about it.

Instanova Loan App Safe Or Not 🚫

The instanova loan app is not claimed to be safe and secure as it collects various sensitive user information and data like personal and financial information, location details etc. Also the negative reviews in the Google Play Store makes this app more suspicious about its user safety and security policy. 

Instanova Loan App Is Real Or Fake πŸ€”

The instanova loan app is a risky and suspicious loan app but can't be termed as fake as it actually provide small loans to some of its customers. But the problem is that the loan interest rate will be way to high and the loan repayment period will be way too short. Also there is no guarantee for any loan as you might get rejected also.

Many people complained about getting small amount of loans in the instanova app with interest rate like up to 45% for a few days period and many complained about having problems in the loan repayment process.

The loan recovery agents also sometimes cause problems as people claims they are rude. Also the customer care services are at its worst and can't be totally trusted. 

Users are requested to go through the reviews of instanova app in the google play store first to learn about the latest problems and issues that users are facing in this app.

As the instanova loan app is not up to the mark, hence we can not recommend this app to our users. However one can apply for a short period loan in instanova, only at his or her own risk.

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