Mobile Rupee Pro Loan App Review (Real Or Fake) Legit Or Not?

Welcome guys, today I am going to review an another Instant loan application called "Mobile Rupee Pro".

Mobile Rupee Pro Loan App Review
Mobile Rupee Pro Review

The Mobile Rupee Pro is a newly released instant loan application in India which claims to provide upto 50000 rupees as a loan with low interest rate. 

The Mobile Rupee Pro app also claims to provide loan repayment period upto 365 days with no pre closure charges. Attractive, right?

The mobile rupee pro loan app also claims that they provide loans without any income proof or salary slip. 

If you look at the google play store app description of the mobile rupee pro loan then you can't feel anything suspicious. 

Its like a normal loan app giving ordinary loans.

But in reality this application asks for advance payment for giving you loans. They keep asking for advance payments as membership fee or security fee.

Many people has already paid thousands to this mobile rupee pro loan app and they all just lost their money. This app didn't gave them any loans. 

Insted they will keep asking for more money as long as the customer doesn't understand that he is being scammed.

This application also collects various data from your smartphone like your photos, media and files, contacts etc. So very risky in terms of personal privacy and security.

If you apply for a loan in the mobile rupee loan application they will approve your loan first and then they will keep asking money as advance.

Some people also complaining about getting loan recovery calls even without getting any money as loan. Many people have already lost their money due to this mobile rupee pro loan app.

This app sells your data to third parties also. Hence you might experience an increase of sudden loan offers and calls related to. But be aware most of them will be fake agents trying to get your device hacked.

Guys the mobile rupee pro loan application is a totally fake application which is collecting user data and membership fees without giving any actual loans to its customers.

This mobile rupee pro loan application is a risky application which should be avoided by everyone. This application doesn't give any actual loans.

If you want to know about more detailed insights about the mobile rupee pro app latest issues, scams and problems that users are facing, consider watching below review video of the mobile rupee pro loan app.

Mobile Rupee Pro Review 

Mobile Rupee Pro Loan App Customer Care Contact Details: 

Email Id: [email protected]

Address: Krisna Sangi Marg, Hughes Road, Mumbai 

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