How To Complaint In Cyber Crime Against Fake Loan Apps

Well, if you have somehow fallen into a bad loan trap or you might have installed a fake loan app and now you are suffering, then don't worry guys. Today's post is for you guys.

Today in this post I am going to explain about how you can file a complain against any fake loan app that you might encounter today or near future.

Most of the fake loan apps does similar types of scams like privacy leak and unauthorised money lending forcing users to repay. They charge high interest and insane extra charges.

Most of the fake loan apps first present itself as a genuine loan app and collect all users data including your photos media and files along with your contact list details.

They almost gets every personal and financial data of their app users. With the help of these user data, they tries to scam people and force them to make payments as they wish.

Let me tell you that most of the fake loan apps operate from outside country and hard to find their real identity. Best you can do is to keep yourself safe.

Just make sure that you delete all your important photos, media, important contacts and files before you install any suspicious loan application in your smartphone. This ways they only gets data that you allow them to see.

Another reminder is to never pay any penny to the fake loan apps, if a loan app does scam with you then simply hold all repayments and complain in cyber crime as soon as possible with proper proof.

Below are some videos that you should watch in order to practically learn how you can register or file a complain against any online scam or fake loan application.

Watch all the below videos about how you can make a complain against any online fraud case to learn about every detailed insights about complete process.

What RBI Says & You Must Know

Also Watch,

Fake Loan Apps Complaint Process Step By Step

After watching these two videos I strongly believe that you will be able to file a complain against any online scam or fake loan apps. 

But if you find anything doubtful or want to ask anything just write in comments and i will reply as soon as possible.

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