BN Dhan Loan App Review | Real Or Fake? Safe Or Not? Full details🔥

How are you guys doing? Today I am going to review an important personal loan application called " BN Dhan". 

The BN Dhan is a new instant personal loan application in India with over 500k+ google play store downloads with a 4.5-star user rating.

As per the BN dhan loan app, salaried individuals can borrow up to 50k as an instant personal loan within minutes just by uploading an adhar and pan card.

Today in this blog post I am going to briefly review the BN dhan loan application. We will see what type of application it is, and what is the actual reality of this application.

With the help of a review video, I will also try to explain whether the BN dhan loan app is real or fake and safe or not.

BN Dhan Loan App Review: BN Dhan App Review 

As per the BN dhan loan application google play store listing data it offers instant loans up to 50000 rupees with a moderate interest rate like 18% to 30% and a flexible repayment period of up to 24 months.

But in reality, the BN dhan loan application provides a small amount of loans like 5-6 thousand with a high-interest rate like 40%. Also, the BN loan app repayment period is quite short in reality.

BN dhan loan app deducts their interest from your loan amount and then sends the rest amount to your bank account. You have repay the full amount. 

As an example, if you apply for a 10k loan in the BN Dhan loan app you will receive only around 6.5k in your bank account and you have to repay 10k.

BN dhan loan application is a high-interest rate loan application that provides small loans with a short repayment period. The customer support is also not good.

BN Dhan Loan App Safe Or Not?

The BN dhan loan application asks for various permissions on your smartphone. This app has the access to read and write your contact information, photos, media, files, location data, etc.

So this is very sensitive information that needs to be kept secure. If you do not repay any loan in the BN dhan app then the loan recovery agents will call and message your contact list numbers. 

Make sure to delete all your important contact numbers, photos, and videos before installing this loan app. The BN dhan loan application is risky.

BN Dhan Loan App Real Or Fake: BN Dhan Loan App Fake Or Real?

Well, guys as you can see BN dhan loan application is a risky loan application and not reliable at all. 

This application provides high-interest loans that are insane. BN dhan loan application also has various repayment issues as most users are complaining about.

Many users are facing various problems related to loan repayment and loan approval in this application. 

This application doesn't offer any reliable method of repayment and keeps its users trapped in loan EMIs. 

BN dhan loan app does provide loans but it is not recommended to apply for any loans in this app there are several issues in BN dhan which can cause problems later.

Watch the below review video of the BN dhan loan application to learn about the latest issues and problems that users are facing in the BN dhan loan app and what you can do about it. 

Also, this video consists of a brief discussion about whether the BN dhan app is real or fake 🙄😳

BN Dhan Loan App Review Video

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