Mobile Loan Pro App Review | Mobile Loan Pro App Real Or Fake?πŸ”₯

Welcome guys, today I am going to review a new personal loan app called " Mobile Loan Pro Reliable Loan". This loan application is quite new and only have 10K + play store downloads.

Today I am going to explain everything about mobile loan pro app wheather it is a real loan app or fake loan app, safe or not, how to take a loan from mobile loan pro, it's features and problems, customer care contact details etc.

Mobile Loan Pro App Review : 

Well Guys mobile loan pro is said to be a safe and reliable loan app as it mane says reliable loan. Here in this application you can apply for small credit loans.

But in general mobile loan app doesn't directly participate in any lending activities, it actually works as a commissioned partner for various other loan apps. 

If you apply for any loan in mobile loan pro app your KYC information will be distributed in various partner loan apps and from partner apps you will get a loan.

This app only provides a platform for other loan provider services to list themselves up and provide services.

About Mobile Loan Pro App Loan :

Here is some basic overview of mobile loan pro loan application. Here I am trying to be very accurate about giving you guys real information rather then google play store data.

Loan Amount : 2000 - 10000 rupees 

Interest Rate : Around 30-45%

Processing Fee : Nil

Security Charge : 2-5% of loan amount

Repayment Period : 6 days to 3 months 

Late Payment Charge : 1-5 % 

Loan Approval Rate : Below 30%

Response Time : Usually 1 day

Features Of Mobile Loan Pro :

Mobile loan pro doesn't have many features but some basic loan app features are available. They are as follows

1. 100% online process

2. Minimum Documentation

3. User friendly app interface

4. 24/7 loan review 

5. No loan processing fee

In terms of eligibility one has to be over 18 years old and must have valid income source document along with adhar and pan card and bank statement of last 3 months in order to apply for a loan in mobile loan pro app.

Mobile Loan Pro Loan Kaise Le :

If you want to take a loan from mobile loan pro loan app then it's quite easy as the application user interface is very user friendly. Just Follow these steps-

1. Download Mobile Loan Pro App

2. Register Using Email & Mobile Number

3. Complete KYC

4. Choose Offer & Apply Loan 

That's how simple is to apply a loan in mobile loan pro app. 

Mobile Loan Pro Loan App Safe Or Not ?

Well guys, mobile rupee loan app is considered to be safe as it doesn't ask for any special permissions in our smartphone. Mobile loan pro app only collects your personal and financial information with your device IDs and other ids.

However during KYC process mobile loan pro app collects our adhar and pan card data which is a little risky as our data might be shared with third party buyers.

Also mobile rupee pro loan app doesn't allow us to delete our information. So a little risky even if they claim to have advanced security and encryption.

Mobile Loan Pro App Real Or Fake ?

Well now the most asked question, mobile loan pro app is real or scam. See guys mobile loan pro is a instant loan app and it actually provides loan. But the loan approval rate in this application is very low. Very few people actually gets a loan in this app.

As mobile loan pro doesn't directly provide loans some might say that it is a fake app, and they are right, we do not need to use this app when we can directly apply for loan in that respective loan app whom offer is being shown.

Also people who got their loan said that mobile loan pro app gives very small amount of loan like 2-3k with very high interest rates like 45% and the repayment period is very short like 6-7 days.

So guys according to me this mobile loan pro is a meaningless app and not recommended at all for you guys. 

Watch below video to get more insights about mobile loan pro app.

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Mobile Loan Pro App Customer Care Contact Details : 

If you want to contact customer care executive of mobile loan app you need to contact via app contact us section and you guys can also leave a message in their mail id. 

If you want customer care phone number of mobile loan pro app then ask for recent mobile number in the mail.

Email id : [email protected]

That's all guys. If you have any doubt or anything to ask then please write in comments. 

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