Loan PaPa Credit Now App Review | Real or Fake ? Safe Or Not ?

Welcome guys, today I am going to review a new personal loan app called " Loan PaPa Credit Now". This loan application is quite new and have over 500K + play store download with 4.8 star ratings.

Loan Papa App Kiya Hai ? What Is Loan Papa Credit Now App?

Loan papa credit now is a new personal finance application which offers small amount of Insta loans for its customers without any income proof or cibil check.

In recent days loan papa app is getting more popular day by day due to excessive promotion.

Today I am going to explain everything about loan papa app wheather it is a fake app or real loan app, safe hai ya nahi, how to take a loan from loan papa app, it's issues and problems, customer care contact details etc.

Loan PaPa Credit Now App Review : 

Well Guys loan papa is said to be a safe and reliable loan app as per it's google play store description but not. Here in this application you can apply for small credit loans.

Loan papa credit now app is a risky application and loan papa app only provides small amount of loans for a short period of time.

The interest rate in loan papa application is quite high as compared to other loan apps. This application provide loans but a lot of users are having so much issues and problems while using this app.

Let's look at basic overview of loan papa loan

Loan Amount : 2000 - 3000 rupees 
Interest Rate : Around 30-45%
Processing Fee : Nil
Security Charge : 1% of loan amount
Repayment Period : 6 days to 3 months 
Late Payment Charge : 1-5 % 
Loan Approval Rate : Below 30%
Response Time : Usually 1 day

Features Of Mobile Loan Pro :

Mobile loan pro doesn't have many features but some basic loan app features are available. They are as follows

1. 100% online process
2. Minimum Documentation
3. User friendly app interface
4. 24/7 loan review 
5. No loan processing fee

In terms of eligibility one has to be over 18 years old and must have valid document along with adhar and pan card and bank statement of last 3 months in order to apply for a loan in mobile loan pro app. 

This app doesn't check credit but to take high amount loan you might need a income proof.

Mobile Loan Pro Loan Kaise Le :

If you want to take a loan from loan papa credit now app then it's quite easy as loan papa offers smooth user interface and it is very user friendly loan apply process. 

Just Follow these steps-

1. Download Loan Papa Credit Now App.
2. Register Using Email & Mobile Number.
3. Complete KYC.
4. Choose Offer & Apply Loan .
That's how simple is to apply a loan in loan papa app. 

Loan Papa Loan App Safe Or Not ?

Well guys, mobile rupee loan app can't considered to be safe as it askes for several special permissions in our smartphone. 

This app need permission to access your contacts, storage, SMS MMS , gallary photos and videos etc. So they will have evey data about you. They will collect your contact details and your photos.

In case of late payment of loans they can even call your contacts and might force you to viral your photos or something like that.

However during KYC process loan papa credit now app collects our adhar and pan card data which is a little risky as our data might be shared with third party buyers.

Also mobile rupee pro loan app doesn't allow us to delete our information. So a little risky even if they claim to have advanced security and encryption.

Always remember to delete your important photos, media and files before you install loan papa app in your smartphone. This way you can stay safe upto some point.

Loan Papa App Real Or Fake ? Loan Papa Fake Or Real ?

Well now the most asked question, loan papa app is real or scam, is it a fraud ? Loan papa fake or real ?

See guys loan papa is a instant loan app and it actually provides loan. But the loan approval rate in this application is very low. Very few people actually gets a loan in this app.

So I can't say it's a totally fake app which doesn't provides any loan. But loan papa is likely to be fake as it is not registered any NBFC which is registered RBI.

Loan papa credit now app is a private application which is operating without any legal restriction and control.

Also people who got their loan in loan papa credit now said that app gives very small amount of loan like 2-3k with very high interest rates like 45% and the repayment period is very short like 6-7 days.

If someone fails to repay they starts calling their contact list numbers and try to defame the customer. Also they add extra interest frequently in case of late payment. 

Many people also faces loan repayment problems in loan papa application. Some says even after successful loan repayment the loan papa agents keep calling asking money.

So guys according to me loan papa credit now loan app is a risky and high interest app which offers very short repayment period.

That's why bi can't recommended this app for you guys. 

Watch below video to get more insights about loan papa credit now app and it's latest issues and problems.

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Loan PaPa App Customer Care Contact Number : 

If you want to contact customer care executive of loan pap app you need to contact via app contact us section and you guys can also leave a message in their mail id. 

If you want customer care phone number of loan papa app then ask for recent mobile number in the mail. Also try below loan papa contact number/ phone number to reach customer care.

Loan papa customer care phone numbers are constantly changing. If you have any number then share with us in comments.

Loan Papa Address :

Wipro Centre, 5 Papanna Streetst Marks Road Cross, Bangalore- 560 001. Bangalore- 560 001. Karnataka India

Email id[email protected]
Phone Number : 9832746734

That's all guys. If you have any doubt or anything to ask then please write in comments. 

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