Cash Assist Loan App Real Or Fake | Updated Review


Cash Assist Loan App Review ✅

The Cash Assist loan app is not a genuine and reliable loan app as many people claims  it provides short term loan for 7 days. They do provide loans to some users but there is no assurance that you will surely get a loan.

The cash assist loan app claims to provide instant loans up to 70000 rupees with a longer repayment period upto 365 days and the interest rate is said to be as low as 14% to 36%. You can easily apply with basic documents and there is no need for any physical documentation.

Cash Assist App Real Or Fake 🤔

But in reality as I have already said the cash assist loan app doesn't give long term loan. They provide loans only for smaller duration like 7 to 14 days where you have to repay within that period. So I don't think that this app is a real loan app as they provide 7 days loan with high interest and have many negative Google Play Store reviews.

Watch the above given review video of the cash assist safety loan app to get full insights about whether the cash assist loan app is real or fake, safe or not, it's recent issue and problems and most importantly it is legit or not.

Now many of you guys surely have this question in your mind whether you should make repayment in this app or not or what will happen if you do not repay your short term loan?

So let me advise you that you should not repay your 7 days loan in the cash assist loan app as they might again give you an another loan right after you repay your first loan and this cycle repeats. They will might put you in a bad loan trap that you will regret later.

So this is the reality of the cash assist safety loan app. This application does provide short term loan to some users but there is no guarantee of loan. This app is suspicious and risky and can not be considered as reliable. 

For these above reasons I can't recommend this app to our readers. If you want to apply for a instant loan in the cash assist app then do it at your own risk and always make sure do do your own research before applying.

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