Asher Loan App Real Or Fake πŸ€” Full Review 2023

Well guys, today I am going to review a newly released instant loan app called the "Asher Loan" app. This app only has 5K+ downloads till now and actively promoting itself in the Google Play Store and other social media platforms.

Asher loan app review, real or fake?

Today in this review I am going to briefly tell you about whether the Asher loan app is real or fake, whether it is safe to use, legit or not, whether you should apply for a loan in this app or not, and most importantly what is the actual reality of this app. I will also tell you the issues and problems that users are facing in this app.

Asher Loan App Review 2023 

Well, this app claims that they offer high-amount loans with moderate interest rates and they are a secure lending platform. Also, they claim to provide loan repayment periods of up to 1 year. 

But in reality, this application is not a safe loan app as it collects various user information from your smartphone like your contacts, media, etc. Also, there is no actual loan guarantee in this app. In most cases, the Asher loan app rejects the application after collecting all user data.

Sometimes this app might try to put you in a loan trap just by providing a small amount of loans in your bank account and after six to seven days they will contact you for repayment. They will charge insane interest rates and if you don't reply they will blackmail you calling your contacts and making bad use of your user data.

Watch the complete review video of the Asher loan app if you want to get full insights about its latest issues and how you can solve them. Overall very risky.

Asher Loan App Real Or Fake?

This Asher loan app is a suspicious and risky loan application that should be avoided at any cost. They only provide six to seven days loans and their loan recovery agents are said to be very rude and unprofessional. My advice is to never take a loan from such a risky app as your complete user data may be at risk.

Also, do not make any loan repayments if the Asher loan app cheated you and gave you an automatic loan without your consent and now they are asking you to repay. Remember even if you repay one time they always give you another loan and the same cycle repeats.

In case you face any harassment from this loan app you can always complain at the cyber crime website.

That's all, not a good app guys, seven days a loan app, not NBFC registered. So if you want to apply do it at your own risk. Also, make sure to do your research before installing this application. 

Check out the Google Play Store 1-star reviews or watch the above-given review video completely to get more insights about Asher Loan's latest issues and problems.

Asher Loan App Customer Care Contact Details:

The customer care service of the Asher loan app is not up to the mark and totally not satisfactory. However email is the only option they have. Incase of any problems you can drop a mail and let them know.

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