Easy Wallet Loan App Review | Real Or Fake πŸ€”

Hello guys, today I am going to review a new instant loan app called "Easy Wallet". This is a newly released loan app that is providing easy financial services in India. Today I am going to completely review this easy wallet loan app and I will also reveal whether the easy wallet loan app is real or fake. The easy wallet loan app is safe or not and what is the actual reality of this app?

Easy wallet loan app real or fake

Easy Wallet Loan App Review 

The easy wallet loan app claims to provide instant loans from 3000 rupees to 50000 rupees with a flexible repayment period from 3 months to 12 months. The loan interest rate is claimed to be around 22 percent and the easy wallet app also charges a service fee of upto 3% of your loan amount which is negotiable depending upon your credit or cibil score. They also claim that there is no upfront membership fee or security deposit.

To apply for an instant loan in the easy wallet loan app you must be over 18 years old and you must be from India with a proper income source. 

You can easily apply with your adhar card, pan card, and your last 6 months' bank statement. There is no credit history required, even if you haven't taken any loans in the past and your credit score is -1, then also you can apply.

The easy wallet loan app provides 100% online financial services with a quick and easy review. There are various repayment methods also for you to easily repay your loan EMI. One thing to remember is that if you delay your loan EMI then this easy wallet loan app will charge extra interest and fees.

Easy Wallet Loan App Real Or Fake

See guys, the easy wallet loan app is a risky loan application that collects various user information and permissions on your smartphone. 

This app collects your location data, SMS & MMS data, photos and videos, phone numbers of your contact list, and your complete personal and financial information. 

So use this app at your own risk and make sure to delete your important files, contacts, etc from your smartphone before installing this loan application.

Also, there is no guarantee for any loan in this easy loan app as many users are getting rejections even after successfully applying. This app mainly collects your information and then doesn't focus much on giving you any loans. 

The easy wallet loan app only approves a few loan applications but doesn't offer any high amount of loans. They tend to provide a small number of loans with high-interest rates and with a very short repayment period.

Also if you don't make repayment of your loan EMI on time, then the loan recovery agents of the easy wallet loan app might disturb you and your contact list numbers just by calling and messaging rapidly in a mannerless manner. 

In some cases, the app might use your photos and videos in a bad manner to force you to make a payment. So you can see guys this app is way too risky without any loan guarantee. Also, this easy wallet loan app is not likely to be not registered with any RBI-approved NBFC

So, guys, the easy wallet loan app is a risky and suspicious loan application that is not recommended to the general public as there is no guarantee of loans and the risk is too high.  If you want to apply for a loan in the easy wallet loan app then do it at your own risk as I can't recommend this app.

Easy Wallet App Download 

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