Fixed Loan Personal Loan App Review | Real Or Fake?

Wellcome guys, today i am going to review about a new instant personal loan application in India called "Fixed Loan Personal Loan App". The Fixed loan application however quite new is getting quite popular nowadays as it is promoting itself on the google play store in the last few days.

The Fixed loan app currently has over 10K active google play store downloads with a user rating of 5-star. This loan app is a 2023 released app and suspicious in terms of its claims regarding to its loan services.

Today I am going to completely review the fixed loan app with complete reality overview of its loan details, advance processing fee details, its issues and problems, and a brief answer of whether the fixed loan app is real or fake, is there any fraud or scam going on, wheather you should apply for a instant loan in the fixed loan app or not, fixed loan app kaisa hai etc. I will also share the customer care contact details of the fixed loan app.

As per the google play store app description data and application data, the fixed loan app claims to provide unsecured instant personal loans from 2000 rupees to 2 Lakh rupees with a repayment period of upto 24 month's.

The fixed loan interest rate is said to be around 25% with a 2.5% loan processing fee. Also, you don't need any income proof document to apply for a loan in fixed loan app, just your adhar and pan card with your last 6 months bank statement is required.

Looking good right, But in reality, things are quite different as they claims. The loan approval rate in the fixed loan app is quite low nowadays and there are much serious issues.

Fixed Loan App Review: 

With the help of a review video of the fixed loan app that I have published a few days ago, Today I am going to expose the fixed app true reality which might surprise you.

First, the fixed loan app is a risky loan application that collects your valuable and sensitive user information like contact details, SMS, etc, and this loan app is also not registered with any RBI-registered NBFC. So the takamall app is quite risky and needs to be used with caution.

If you want to know about the full reality of the fixed loan app then watch the Below 👇 given video to find out the true reality of the fixed loan app loan services.

In fixed loan personal loan app people are facing various issues and problems related to the loan application process due to unethical processing fee collection by this app in a fraud manner that you should know before applying for a loan. This app asks for advance processing fee for disbursement of loans which is not guaranteed. 

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Watch the above-given review video of the I loan app to learn about the true reality of its loan problems and issues. 

Fixed Loan App Real Or Fake?

If you want to know whether the Fixed loan application is real or fake then today I am going to give you a direct answer, it's not.

Well, the takamall loan app tries to scam you just by showing dreams of getting a loan just by adding money in the app wallet that you can never withdraw to your bank account. Well a very few people actually got loan amount in their bank account.

When you apply for a loan, the fixed app will approve your loan application but they will also ask for an advance processing fee of upto 5% of the loan amount or they might ask of a fixed loan processing fee like 2000-5000 rupees. You have to pay the advance processing fee or have to make security deposit to receive the loan in your bank account.

And guys, this is where the fixed loan app tries to scam some people. Some people have recently complained about not receiving any loan amount in account even after successfully paying advance processing fee in this app and there is no refund for the processing fee that was paid in advance. 

If you pay advance fee, insted of giving you any actual loan this app will keep asking for more and more money in advance showing simple problems.

Fixed loan personal loan app is likely to scam people just by collecting advance processing fees and security deposits showing a fake dream of getting a loan approval just by showing a amount in wallet. Don't fall for this. Don not trust wallet balance..It's fake.

Do not pay any advance processing fee in the fixed loan application otherwise, your money will be lost forever. There is no refund for any payment you do in this app. If you somehow get a loan without paying any advance processing fee then it's ok.

Also if you have already paid advance fees in fixed loan app and want a refund but not getting any, then guys complain on the cybercrime official government website and the RBI complain portal as well.

I recommend everyone to stay away from the fixed loan app as it is extremely risky and takes advance money for giving loan with no loan guarantee. There is no refund for the processing fee also. 

The fixed loan application is most likely to be a fake loan application that is suspicious and can not trusted with any kind of advance payment as most of the users are rapidly complaining about regarding various issues.

Check the recent google play store 1-star reviews to learn more about the fixed loan app app frauds, scams, recent problems, bad loan practices and harassment details from day to day users.

Fixed App Customer Care Phone Number / Email Id :  

If you want to contact the customer care executive of the Fixed loan personal loan app then mail them at the below-given email id. Sourcegoogle play store

You can also contact fixed loan personal loan app customer care just by using below given phone number of the fixed loan app.

Fixed Loan App Address: 

HALDIA, Midnapore - 721607, WB, IN

Fixed Loan App Customer Care Phone Number: +91-9088994133

Fixed Loan App Customer Service Email: [email protected]

That's all guys. This is the actual reality of the fixed loan app. If you liked this article and found useful, then share it with your friends and on social media to help spread awareness against suspicious loan apps.

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