Takapot Loan App Review | Takapot Loan App Real Or Fake πŸ€”

Today I am going to review another new Instant loan application called "Takapot" which is currently available in the google play store. I will also discuss whether the takapot loan application is real or fake and whether the takapot loan application is safe or not, the actual reality about the takapot loan app.

Takapot Loan App Review: 

Well, guys, Takapot is a new Instant personal loan app that claims to provide instant loans upto 1 lakh with a minimum interest rate of around 1% to 15% with a longer repayment period of upto 1 year.

But in reality, the Takapot loan application provides only a small amount of loans upto 4 thousand with insane interest rates of upto 45% and with a high processing fee. The loan repayment period in the takapot loan application is usually short like 6 to 7 days only.

Takapot Loan App Is Safe Or Not?

Well, the Takapot loan application is not safe at all as it requires many special and important permissions like contacts, media, messages, etc. This application collects many information from your phone like your whole contact details including your photos, media, and messages. 

That's why Takapot loan application can't be connected as safe because, at the time of loan repayment, they use these data to force you to repay their short-period loan. Your data can be used against you and they will also resell your data to other third parties to generate extra revenue.

So it is advised to delete your all important data like photos media and contacts before installing this app in order to stay safe.

Takapot Loan App Is Real Or Fake?

The Takapot loan application is a totally fake application that offers very short-term loans to its users at a very high-interest rate and processing fee. They also collect all of your personal data. Many users have complained about their unethical loan recovery process as their loan recovery agents are mannerless and there are so many problems in this app.

Some users also complain about calling and messaging their contact numbers with un proper attachments to defame a user's personal status in order to collect money. Takabot loan application is a suspicious loan application that is operated by scammers and unethical people which can be a very bad experience if you fall into a loan trap in the takapot loan app.

My recommendation is to stay away from takapot loan application as much as possible and if you have already taken a loan from this app and currently suffering then don't forget to file a complain against this app in cyber crime.

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Takapot loan application is not a good loan application, everyone must be aware of this loan app and also don't forget to check out its google play store reviews to find out more information about current issues and problems that users are facing in the takapot loan app.

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