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Well Cash Loan App Review | Real Or Fake 🤔 12 Points

Well Cash Loan App Honest Review In One Minute
Welcome Guys, Let's go for a review ride 😇
Well Cash Loan App Kaisa Hai?
Well Cash Friendly Credit is a new personal finance app which provides small loans. Well credit loan app is quite risky.
Well Cash Loan App Safe Or Not?
Well Cash Friendly Credit is not safe and very risky app as it takes permission to access your contacts, sms mms and your storage. So be careful allowing permissions.
Well Cash Loan App Se Smartly Loan Kaise Le?
Well Cash loan app se smartly loan lene ke liye first apni mobile se sari important photos videos and contacts delete kar lo warna well cash walo ko apki sari information mil jayega.
Well Cash Loan App Interest Rate
Well Cash loan app charges very high interest rate. This app usually charge 30% to 45% interest rate with 18% GST.
Well Cash Loan App Loan Amount
Well Cash loan app offers loans upto 5 lakh, but in general most users get loans around 10 to 15 thousand rupees only.
Well Cash Loan App Processing Fee
Well Cash loan app charges 1% of the loan amount as a processing fee.
Note that processing fee is not refundable even your lon gets rejected.
Well Cash Loan App Repayment Period
Well Cash loan app says that they offers loan for a duration up to 6 months but in reality most people gets loan for only 6-7 days period.
Well Cash Loan Eligibility
To apply for a loan in this app you must be 18 years or older and you must have your identity and adress proof with you along with your bank statement. Income proof required for taking high amount loans.
Well Cash Loan NDFC Registered Or Not?
Well cash loan app is registered with Following NBFC -

Trustwell Holdings Limited
Well Cash Loan App Customer Care Contact
To contact with well cash loan app customer care you can use below email.

Well Cash Loan App Issues & Problems
Various Issues Are Present :
1. Loan Rejected
2. Repayment Issues
3. Loan Recovery Agent Issues
4. High interest issues
6. 6-7 days loan repayment issues
And many...
Well Cash Loan App Real Or Fake?
Well cash loan app gives small amount of loans with high interest rate and offers 6-7 days repayment period. Also they even call contacts in case of late payment. Sometimes your loan may get rejected even after paying processing fee.
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