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Are Mutual Funds A Bad Idea ๐Ÿ’ก

Are mutual funds a good investment or a bad idea to start now
Hay, Are you thinking about investing in mutual funds or you just want to start and SIP to retire rich, but you are still holding up thinking it might be a bad idea
Today I am going to convince you that mutual fund investing is not a bad idea at all. We all shoud invest in mutual funds
First reason is because it offers way too high returns then your bank FD. Also mutual funds are flexible, you can withdraw anytime.
So insted of keeping your money in bank account or FD you can invest in mutual funds which offers much higher returns.
In mutual funds you can actually compound your money over time if you invest long term where a little investment can give you outstanding returns.
In equity mutual funds your profits up to 1 lakh in a financial year is completely tax free. Another reason to start investing in mutual funds today
Mutual funds are manged by SEBI registered managers with experience so it is quite safe and there is no chance of any fraud.
Also mutual funds are managed by trusted fund houses like SBI, ICICI, kotak, HDFC, AXIS so you can assure that your money is in safe hands.
Mutual funds are one of the best investment tool for beginner investors and long term investors who does not want to take short term risks.
So do not think that mutual fund investment is a bad idea. If you invest monthly 3000 rupees in a mutual fund for 30 years with 12% avarage return, you will earn more then 1 Cr after 30 years.
So start your mutual fund investment journey today. I personally invest in various mutual funds using IND money app.
Even in a market fall mutual funds can give you good returns which is impossible in terms of stocks. Just keep investing and watch your money grow over time.
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